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Regular yoga for good health

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It is a good idea to practice yoga to have a healthy nervous system.  The practice of yoga usually involves chanting of mantras that creates a high energy level for the practitioner.  Yoga and meditation help individuals to balance their emotions as well as nervous system. The mantras that are chanted during yoga have the power to produce a strong vibration in your body, which gives a lot of energy and stability. Yoga is probably the ancient scientific discipline is primarily a method of...

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Yoga for stress management

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Most people think that relaxing is an easy technique and one can get relaxed by just closing their eyes. But, it is not true.  People go to bed as they get tired and think it as relaxation.  Relaxation is the process of releasing your physical and emotional tensions. Basically, there are three types of tensions that can be classified into – emotional, physical and muscular. It is believed that people suffering from any of these disorders can get out of them through regular exercise and...

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