Yogic path to attain moksha

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Moksha is a Sanskrit word and means to let go. The cycle of death and re-birth by going through all kinds of pains is known as moksha. To attain moksha, one can do a number of things. The key to attain moksha is self-realization. Meditation and yoga are the best methods to get moksha. According to ancient believes, Moksha can be considered as the state of completion different phenomenon like – time, space, energy etc. There are a number of people who are known to have practiced yoga for years...

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Meditation: Training the Mind

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Our human body is like a temple. Our soul is the God residing inside it. Our limbs are the artifacts of the temple. Our soul connects our body and mind. Hence, it is always imperative for us to take care of the soul, so that the human life can be directed in the way, it is intended. In order to achieve the hierarchy level of needs, the needs of the soul must be satisfied. Limbs can never function without the direction provided by the soul. Mind is the most possible depiction of the soul inside...

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