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Is Karma and Hatha Yoga Interdependent?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in Health and Yoga | 0 comments

The popularity of yoga all over today’s world is undeniable. Not only Indians but even foreigners are keen to practice different styles of yoga. Yoga poses are extremely effective in enhancing the overall immunity of the body and strengthening the inner organs of the body. Yoga brings about a change in oneself at a core level, in how one represents oneself to the outside world. It helps us experience a profound change in our worldview and our relationships. It helps us acquire awareness, bringing experiences from the subconscious to the conscious. It requires development of extended and fully expanded awareness. Hatha yoga is a highly recommended yoga for the treatment of chronic diseases like constipation, diabetes, etc. Hatha yoga is effective in arresting the enlargement of spleen and liver, reducing belly fat, controlling and preventing diabetes, stimulating the function of the adrenal glands, strengthening the kidney, reducing back and waist pain, and relieving chronic shoulder and back pain. Additionally, hatha yoga massages the abdominal organs, reduces the flab on the lateral side of the abdomen, loosens the hip joints, and relieves stiffness. It also controls the secretion of digestive juices, which is useful for fighting different digestive disorders. It relieves the stiffness of vertebrae, tones the spinal nerves, and increases the elasticity of the spine. It improves the function of both the spinal cord and the nervous system. Hatha yoga sublimes the Kundalini Shakti, and stimulates the Manipur chakra or Navel chakra. Karma yoga is a very popular “yoga of action”, and it has innumerable health benefits. It improves blood circulation, tones abdominal muscles, naturally cures nerve weakness, enhances immunity, increases energy levels, and helps one to achieve moksh or spiritual liberation through action. Yoga allows one to bring greater harmony in one’s life through greater alignment with the Universal Energy. One develops a deeper spiritual connection that helps one to truly connect with other souls. Understanding oneself allows higher communion with one’s higher self. Additionally, practicing , concentration exercises, meditations, and managing one’s entire gamut of emotional processes allows one to gain a lot of focus, lot of energy, and a better fulfilling experience when interacting with people. Practice of yoga requires a structured approach. With yoga develop your knowledge, insights and competencies that will allow you to ascertain the benefits and risks in difficult scenarios. Furthermore, it will help you to manage your emotions and your relationships with...

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Is Yoga Essential During Pregnancy?

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Expecting women often undergo some or the other strain and stress over their changing body and its postures. Although gynecologists and obstetrics have many cures and treatments for all such quandaries yet an exercise to analog our body, mind and soul, together can be of great benefit. “Yoga” is only that approach which can align the three into a single string of contemplation. It keeps both mums and child in good state of body and mind. Above all it prepares the body optimally according to the terms of labor and childbirth. It unwinds many pressurized area of body during pregnancy. In due course various other joints and area of concentration to be valued by yoga are – Belly bottom – Most thoughtful and safeguarded body part during pregnancy is lower abdomen. As with the increase in trimesters and baby’s growth, belly stretches and gains an enlarged shape, so it requires a huge stamina to carry baby’s weight. Yoga helps in relaxing the muscles and slackening it, so that your abdomen may not experience stretching and heavy sense. Asana with ease and without pain like Pranayam should be preferred for the same. Pelvis portion – Elasticity in the pelvic cavity is essential for a healthy and normal delivery. Yoga facilitates in making the pelvic muscles and cervix flexible enough to evade many usual problems on the course of pregnancy and delivery. It eludes the hitches of – bowel movement and constipation, drooping of the bladder’s capacity and most of all graving pressure and contraction during delivery. Preferred postures – It is always advised by doctors to walk, sleep and sit properly, if you are expecting. As your lower muscles are facing an extreme extension, you may suffer back pain and straining ligaments while turning and sitting. But, this can be relaxed through Chakravakasana yoga. Furthermore, yoga also reduces stress, elevated blood pressure and risk of preterm labor. Hence, it is considered to be an essential practice during pregnancy and should be practiced under the supervision of an...

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Yoga in a limited time and space

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There are many benefits in doing Yoga, everybody knows that. But it is also true that it does not take much time or space in doing Yoga. There are many exercises that can be done within a small room or within a short span of time in the morning. It is the ideal exercise for practising when people are leading busy lives and are constantly shifting between the work place and the home. That is why many people choose to learn this Indian art, even if it is only a few exercises. Yoga is becoming popular the world...

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Yoga for Better Living

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In recent times, the benefits of Yoga have become widespread knowledge. Apart from health benefits, there are numerous psychological and emotional benefits of Yoga, and health and fitness professionals are advocating it increasingly. There are different ways in which Yoga can be explained. However, in a nutshell, it is the coming together of the mind and body for better well-being. A close science to nature and natural forces, Yoga helps improve the quality of life and provides mental relief in a stress-filled world. Get to know more about the different forms of Yoga and their benefits at Yogic Thoughts. This will help you identify which forms of Yoga will benefit you the...

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Yogic Relaxation Methods – Does it Have Any Value

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In the event that your endeavors to ponder are tested by racing considerations and stiff muscles, you realize that simply sitting quietly is insufficient to unwind your brain and body. Perhaps you get up in the early hours of the morning feeling tired and strained, despite resting throughout the night. This happens since the physical, mental, and distressing strain of the body is nevertheless there, while you are attempting to rest. A standout amongst the best approaches to discharge cynicism and support mending is the age-old practice of Yogic unwinding. Yogic relaxation Yogic unwinding looks like the rest; yet the cognizant mind upholds a state of consciousness that is receptive to proposals – much as the phase between rest as well as wakefulness. Throughout this time, negative vigor is discharged, and the psyche is powerless to new convictions and plans. This is the time when the seeds for profound established progressions are planted. The Yogic postures, or asanas, were intended to arrange the figure for reflection by discharging vigor blockages in the physical and cerebral forms. Yogic unwinding procedures are generally rehearsed in the dead body posture (Savasana) at the completion of a Yoga practice. Nonetheless, a few methods of Yoga practice unwinding in Savasana as the starting and conclusion of a session. Yogic breathing, or Pranayam, is likewise a critical part of Yogic unwinding. The point when there is strain, breathing becomes slow as well as fast; however, the body might be reprogrammed for healthier procedures, which turn out to be the custom. Yogic breathing blends stomach breathing and midsection breathing; breathing in through the mid-section and delicately pushing against the mid-region, then breathing out from the mid-section, and at long last the stomach zone in a persistent, round pattern....

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