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Yoga for Better Living

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In recent times, the benefits of Yoga have become widespread knowledge. Apart from health benefits, there are numerous psychological and emotional benefits of Yoga, and health and fitness professionals are advocating it increasingly. There are different ways in which Yoga can be explained. However, in a nutshell, it is the coming together of the mind and body for better well-being. A close science to nature and natural forces, Yoga helps improve the quality of life and provides mental relief in a stress-filled world. Get to know more about the different forms of Yoga and their benefits at Yogic Thoughts. This will help you identify which forms of Yoga will benefit you the...

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Basic Yoga exercises at work!

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Today’s life is hectic and stressful. Office hours have increased leaving no time for you to relax your body. In most of the cases, you always compromise on your daily exercise schedule. Sitting at one place makes your muscles rigid and hence causes damage in the long run. It is always necessary to take few basic steps to keep your body active. You might not have the time to attend a complete yoga session due to your long working hours and hectic life; however, you can do some of the basic exercise on your desk as well. The same will not only help you to keep your body active but also will refresh your mind. We at provide you with best of the yogic exercise for your body and daily schedule. Here are some of the basic exercises you can take up while at your desk. Wrist Exercises – To do wrist exercise, you just need to close your fist tight and move them forming a circle. You can do this in both directions. This will help you to unknot your wrist muscles. Meditate – One of the simplest and most effective yoga exercises is meditation. You can just close your eyes for few minutes, concentrate on your breathing and do not think about anything. This will make you feel fresh. Arm Stretch – You can do this exercise while sitting or standing. Just push your arms behind your back and hold your own hands. Then lift your hand upwards as much as you can. Hold for few seconds and then relax. This will give your arms a good stretch and will prevent your arm muscles from getting tighten. These are some exercises that you can perform at your office or college desk. However, it is always advisable to do yoga on a larger scale as the same is beneficial for your body and mind. We at ensure that professional assistance in provided to you on how to perform various yoga asanas and the various benefits derived from...

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Yogic Relaxation Methods – Does it Have Any Value

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In the event that your endeavors to ponder are tested by racing considerations and stiff muscles, you realize that simply sitting quietly is insufficient to unwind your brain and body. Perhaps you get up in the early hours of the morning feeling tired and strained, despite resting throughout the night. This happens since the physical, mental, and distressing strain of the body is nevertheless there, while you are attempting to rest. A standout amongst the best approaches to discharge cynicism and support mending is the age-old practice of Yogic unwinding. Yogic relaxation Yogic unwinding looks like the rest; yet the cognizant mind upholds a state of consciousness that is receptive to proposals – much as the phase between rest as well as wakefulness. Throughout this time, negative vigor is discharged, and the psyche is powerless to new convictions and plans. This is the time when the seeds for profound established progressions are planted. The Yogic postures, or asanas, were intended to arrange the figure for reflection by discharging vigor blockages in the physical and cerebral forms. Yogic unwinding procedures are generally rehearsed in the dead body posture (Savasana) at the completion of a Yoga practice. Nonetheless, a few methods of Yoga practice unwinding in Savasana as the starting and conclusion of a session. Yogic breathing, or Pranayam, is likewise a critical part of Yogic unwinding. The point when there is strain, breathing becomes slow as well as fast; however, the body might be reprogrammed for healthier procedures, which turn out to be the custom. Yogic breathing blends stomach breathing and midsection breathing; breathing in through the mid-section and delicately pushing against the mid-region, then breathing out from the mid-section, and at long last the stomach zone in a persistent, round pattern....

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Yogic path to attain moksha

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Moksha is a Sanskrit word and means to let go. The cycle of death and re-birth by going through all kinds of pains is known as moksha. To attain moksha, one can do a number of things. The key to attain moksha is self-realization. Meditation and yoga are the best methods to get moksha. According to ancient believes, Moksha can be considered as the state of completion different phenomenon like – time, space, energy etc. There are a number of people who are known to have practiced yoga for years and attained moksha. There are mainly four forms are yoga that include – Bhakti, Karma, Raja and Jgana. All these four forms of yoga have the power to achieve moksha. It is difficult for people to control their thoughts and focus on the right things. With proper yogic practices, one can surely control their mind and thoughts. There are a number of online portals that teach the importance of karma and how to attain moksha. We get attracted to a number of mortals things throughout our life. Apart from yogic practice, one can also attain moksha through meditation. One can listen to divine tunes that are offered by spirit voyage to get the right mood for practicing yoga or...

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Regular yoga for good health

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It is a good idea to practice yoga to have a healthy nervous system.  The practice of yoga usually involves chanting of mantras that creates a high energy level for the practitioner.  Yoga and meditation help individuals to balance their emotions as well as nervous system. The mantras that are chanted during yoga have the power to produce a strong vibration in your body, which gives a lot of energy and stability. Yoga is probably the ancient scientific discipline is primarily a method of philosophy devoted to the practical method to the mental and spiritual development associated with man, enabling him to understand the greatest truth. But a crucial analysis in the classical books on yoga and fitness indicates in which yoga is of excellent value like a method associated with preservation of health insurance and treatment of various diseases a great deal to be able to use yoga like a system associated with medicine. Ayurveda and yoga are generally practical and applied scientific discipline respectively. A disease continues to be regarded within yoga sutras among the nine viksepas and Lord Patanjali strategies. The procedures of asanas and pranayama are helpful to be able to preserve the healthiness of our entire body. Yoga is exclusive in that it recuperates the device. The process of asana and pranayama helps soothe the internal organ as well as is efficient for treatment of toxins from the body. To develop the cells of our body, and make them strong, stretching is significant. When your cells are stretched they’re able to grow much better, adapt and survive. Yogis are said to have got long existence. This was due to kind associated with exercise they did using a long-term schedule. Yogic practices increase the optimum progress of cellular material. The means of stretching and contracting within yoga assists in placing the muscles. Hence your muscles avoid getting exhausted and are also thus trained to stay healthy over the life. One may start practicing Yoga exercises at just about any given moment of your energy with the aid of websites such as You may even start having meditation or even directly having pranayama without even doing the asanas (postures). Guarantee that when you practice yoga and fitness asanas, you don’t only stretch your bodies, but also enhancing the mental health of your body.  You can’t be watching television or looking at the newspaper if your attention isn’t there, the asanas won’t have much relation to you. But, eventually each improvement is synchronized with the breath and awareness. In short, your practice can be a yogic...

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Yoga: The Fitness Mantra

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Who does not want to be fit? Who does not want to look good? Obviously, everyone does. Tough looks and well-built muscular physique are adored by all. Perhaps that is the reason behind the fitness centers are mushrooming all around us. People are enrolled to those centers to keep themselves physically fit. Looking at the escalating demand scenario in the market, the fitness centers charge high price for providing with their services. Despite this fact, people are rushing towards them. Why do you have to waste your hard-earned money when you can get these services free of cost, and that too sitting at your home? Surprised? These services were started in India from the days forgotten. They are called the “Yoga”. These are one of the most ancient methods for keeping the body and mind fit and fine. All you have to do is to devote one to two hours of each day for undergoing the yogic practices. There are numerous methods available to you. For instance, practicing “Kapalbharti”, “Pawanmuktasana” and “Halasana” will reduce the abdominal fat, “Mayurasana” will strengthen your biceps and deltoid muscles, “Shashangasana” will increase your height by exerting direct pressure on your backbone, “Shalavasana” will reduce the fat in your thighs, and “Shirshasana” will improve the balance of the body. The list will go on, if continued. There are several advantages of these practices. They do not have any side effect. They are not required to carry forward on a daily basis. Those, who are regular visitors of fitness centers and gymnasiums, are afraid that if they stop going there, their calorie level will increase, and their obesity will rise. In fact, this is very much true. There comes the role of yogic practices, which does not make anyone obliged to continue them for lifelong. They can be started at your comfort, and can be continued at your comfort, as well. Looking at the mounting pressures of daily life, it can be said that one should continue the yogic practices at their home only, rather than going to fitness centers and gyms. So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying others, when you can solve the problem by yourself. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide the online yogic trainings and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles regarding your physique and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of...

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