Is Karma and Hatha Yoga Interdependent?

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The popularity of yoga all over today’s world is undeniable. Not only Indians but even foreigners are keen to practice different styles of yoga. Yoga poses are extremely effective in enhancing the overall immunity of the body and strengthening the inner organs of the body. Yoga brings about a change in oneself at a core level, in how one represents oneself to the outside world. It helps us experience a profound change in our worldview and our relationships. It helps us acquire awareness, bringing experiences from the subconscious to the conscious. It requires development of extended and fully expanded awareness.

Hatha yoga is a highly recommended yoga for the treatment of chronic diseases like constipation, diabetes, etc. Hatha yoga is effective in arresting the enlargement of spleen and liver, reducing belly fat, controlling and preventing diabetes, stimulating the function of the adrenal glands, strengthening the kidney, reducing back and waist pain, and relieving chronic shoulder and back pain. Additionally, hatha yoga massages the abdominal organs, reduces the flab on the lateral side of the abdomen, loosens the hip joints, and relieves stiffness. It also controls the secretion of digestive juices, which is useful for fighting different digestive disorders. It relieves the stiffness of vertebrae, tones the spinal nerves, and increases the elasticity of the spine. It improves the function of both the spinal cord and the nervous system. Hatha yoga sublimes the Kundalini Shakti, and stimulates the Manipur chakra or Navel chakra.

Karma yoga is a very popular “yoga of action”, and it has innumerable health benefits. It improves blood circulation, tones abdominal muscles, naturally cures nerve weakness, enhances immunity, increases energy levels, and helps one to achieve moksh or spiritual liberation through action.

Yoga allows one to bring greater harmony in one’s life through greater alignment with the Universal Energy. One develops a deeper spiritual connection that helps one to truly connect with other souls. Understanding oneself allows higher communion with one’s higher self. Additionally, practicing , concentration exercises, meditations, and managing one’s entire gamut of emotional processes allows one to gain a lot of focus, lot of energy, and a better fulfilling experience when interacting with people.

Practice of yoga requires a structured approach. With yoga develop your knowledge, insights and competencies that will allow you to ascertain the benefits and risks in difficult scenarios. Furthermore, it will help you to manage your emotions and your relationships with others.

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