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Basic Yoga exercises at work!

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Today’s life is hectic and stressful. Office hours have increased leaving no time for you to relax your body. In most of the cases, you always compromise on your daily exercise schedule. Sitting at one place makes your muscles rigid and hence causes damage in the long run. It is always necessary to take few basic steps to keep your body active. You might not have the time to attend a complete yoga session due to your long working hours and hectic life; however, you can do some of the basic exercise on your desk as well. The same will not only help you to keep your body active but also will refresh your mind. We at provide you with best of the yogic exercise for your body and daily schedule. Here are some of the basic exercises you can take up while at your desk. Wrist Exercises – To do wrist exercise, you just need to close your fist tight and move them forming a circle. You can do this in both directions. This will help you to unknot your wrist muscles. Meditate – One of the simplest and most effective yoga exercises is meditation. You can just close your eyes for few minutes, concentrate on your breathing and do not think about anything. This will make you feel fresh. Arm Stretch – You can do this exercise while sitting or standing. Just push your arms behind your back and hold your own hands. Then lift your hand upwards as much as you can. Hold for few seconds and then relax. This will give your arms a good stretch and will prevent your arm muscles from getting tighten. These are some exercises that you can perform at your office or college desk. However, it is always advisable to do yoga on a larger scale as the same is beneficial for your body and mind. We at ensure that professional assistance in provided to you on how to perform various yoga asanas and the various benefits derived from...

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