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Yoga: The Fitness Mantra

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Who does not want to be fit? Who does not want to look good? Obviously, everyone does. Tough looks and well-built muscular physique are adored by all. Perhaps that is the reason behind the fitness centers are mushrooming all around us. People are enrolled to those centers to keep themselves physically fit. Looking at the escalating demand scenario in the market, the fitness centers charge high price for providing with their services. Despite this fact, people are rushing towards them. Why do you have to waste your hard-earned money when you can get these services free of cost, and that too sitting at your home? Surprised? These services were started in India from the days forgotten. They are called the “Yoga”. These are one of the most ancient methods for keeping the body and mind fit and fine. All you have to do is to devote one to two hours of each day for undergoing the yogic practices. There are numerous methods available to you. For instance, practicing “Kapalbharti”, “Pawanmuktasana” and “Halasana” will reduce the abdominal fat, “Mayurasana” will strengthen your biceps and deltoid muscles, “Shashangasana” will increase your height by exerting direct pressure on your backbone, “Shalavasana” will reduce the fat in your thighs, and “Shirshasana” will improve the balance of the body. The list will go on, if continued. There are several advantages of these practices. They do not have any side effect. They are not required to carry forward on a daily basis. Those, who are regular visitors of fitness centers and gymnasiums, are afraid that if they stop going there, their calorie level will increase, and their obesity will rise. In fact, this is very much true. There comes the role of yogic practices, which does not make anyone obliged to continue them for lifelong. They can be started at your comfort, and can be continued at your comfort, as well. Looking at the mounting pressures of daily life, it can be said that one should continue the yogic practices at their home only, rather than going to fitness centers and gyms. So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying others, when you can solve the problem by yourself. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide the online yogic trainings and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles regarding your physique and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of...

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Meditation: Training the Mind

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Our human body is like a temple. Our soul is the God residing inside it. Our limbs are the artifacts of the temple. Our soul connects our body and mind. Hence, it is always imperative for us to take care of the soul, so that the human life can be directed in the way, it is intended. In order to achieve the hierarchy level of needs, the needs of the soul must be satisfied. Limbs can never function without the direction provided by the soul. Mind is the most possible depiction of the soul inside all of us. Therefore, it is our duty to train our mind, so that it can take control of the body, our movements, and our thoughts. Training the mind is not at all a new technique. In fact, it is a very ancient technique. Monks in old times used to train their minds, so that they can achieve the ‘Moksha’. They used to do it in order to concentrate, in order to focus on their objectives of life. However, in present times, dynamic pattern of life has changed the reason for training the mind. In the din and bustles of daily life, one has to rush behind the cherished dreams. Most of the times, they are not fulfilled. As a result, they get bogged down by depression, and lose their focus on their goals. Being faced with this condition, they get distracted very easily and in times, fall apart. They lose their enthusiasm and their energy level falls radically. Life provides them with second chances, but distracted souls cannot recognize those. They fall into a vicious circle of failures. There comes the role of training the mind. This technique is majorly known as meditation. In today’s daily hectic schedule, it is gaining its mounting significance. Meditation for half an hour to one hour can provide one with extreme peace of mind, positive energy, and an enthusiastic outlook towards life. It releases the tension in mind, relaxes the limbs, and makes one ready for further challenges. It makes one more alive to face the hurdles of life more successfully than ever. Yogic meditation has many positive impacts on human life. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide meditative trainings and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles in your daily life and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of...

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