Power Yoga

Power Yoga which has its roots from Hatha Yoga is often used in the west as a rigorous form of yoga.  Power Yoga is a blend of aerobics with values from yoga. Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest after getting trained by Pattabhi Jois in India implemented it in United States in the late 1980’s. Power yoga is done in a hot room with temperature of 40.6°C or 105°F.

Power yoga helps in reshaping the body and also helps in quickly reducing the body mass. Power yoga increases the stamina, builds strength and reduces muscle mass and increases ability to focus. Power yoga does not have a specific set of practices or exercises. Each teacher or mentor follows his own way of teaching and methodologies by combining different moves.

Benefits of Power Yoga

Get rid of toxins: Power yoga helps in detoxifying the body by removing various toxins in the form of sweat.

Reduces body weight:

Power yoga burns the unwanted extra calories and helps in removing the excessive body weight, thereby, curing obesity. It tones the body by reducing the muscle mass and reduces the body fat.

Improves immune system & Blood circulation:

Power yoga improves the oxygen supply to the body cells, improving the blood circulation, cellular oxidation, digestion and metabolism. This helps in boosting the immunity of the body.

Great Stress reliever: Power yoga is a better solution for people suffering from psychological problems, stress, depression and anxiety.

Improves Concentration:

Power yoga helps in improving concentration of a person, which helps in improving the performance at work and also brings self-control. Practicing power yoga helps in removing the unorganized thoughts and improves concentration.

Power yoga is strenuous physical exercise and requires a person practicing it to be moderately fit. The intensive asana can harm, rather than help, if not done properly. Everyone can practice and perform power yoga. But pregnant women need to avoid few types of asanas to be safe. Power yoga needs to be practiced under the guidance of a trained instructor as improper use of it can result in bodily damages.