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Yoga Postures for Prevention of Hair Fall

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Yoga is an alternate field of medicine which has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Though yoga originated in India but its benefits are now not hidden from the people around the world. Apart from relaxing your mind, body and soul; yoga has also proved to be effective for treating health problems like hair fall. There are certain yogasanas which improve the blood flow to the scalp thereby preventing hair loss and even help in re-growth of hairs. As the blood supply to scalp improves, oxygen and proper nutrients are supplied to hair follicles which help in prevention of hair fall. Some of the yogasanas for prevention of hair fall are listed below. Information about these yogasanas can also be gained through the website of ‘’. Sheershasana This is the best yogasanas which helps prevent hair fall. In this asana you need to stand upside down with your head on the floor and your back and legs straight in the sky. In this position, your blood flows properly to the head and brain supplying adequate amount of oxygen thus preventing hair fall. Uttanasana Uttanasana is a position wherein you need to stand and bend forward. This is one of the most effective yogasanas for preventing hair loss. In this asana you need to stand straight with both your legs close to each other. Take a deep breath. Now while exhaling, lift up both your hands and bend forward your upper portion. Let your hands touch the floor. Stay in this position for a while and breathe normally. Now inhale deeply and go to your normal standing position. This asana relieves you of all the stress and promotes hair growth. Also, as the head is below the heart level, there is an improved flow of blood to the scalp thereby improving hair growth and preventing hair loss. Uttanpadasana This is the other yogasana which allows blood circulation to the scalp thereby helping hair follicles to re-grow. For this asana, lie down on the floor with your arms on the sides and palms facing the floor. Now, slowly raise the legs at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees. Remain in this position for about a minute. Apart from these asanas, you can also indulge into practicing sun salutation, deep breathing exercises or Pranayam to prevent hair fall. Word of Caution All these asanas must be performed under the guidance of an expert yoga instructor else these asanas might result in few injuries. Pregnant women and people suffering from problems such as spondylitis, cervical etc. must avoid such tough asanas. Also, a doctor must always be consulted before starting practicing any kind of...

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Yoga – Benefits and Precautions

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Yoga is a centuries old practice which brings together the body, mind and breath in complete harmony. Based on several body postures (yogasanas), meditation and breathing techniques, yoga is an age old practice which rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. If you are interested in knowing more about Yoga and various Yoga practices, then ‘’ is an excellent site explaining about the same. Practicing yoga on regular basis can provide you with various health benefits, some of which are listed below. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps improve your body flexibility. Yoga increases the flexibility in muscles, tissues and ligaments. It also improves the joint motions by enhancing the lubrication in the joint tissues. Yoga is an alternate medicine practices which improves flow of blood in body parts thereby reducing the risk of cardiac problems. It also helps regulate the blood pressure levels in the body. Yoga is also a good option to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps boost your mood. Easier movements and slower pace of ‘Hatha Yoga’, which is a special form of yoga, is good for stress management. Also, if you just indulge into meditation and Pranayama for just few minutes during the day, it helps you get rid of daily stress. Chronic conditions such as depression, pain and insomnia can also be controlled if you practice yoga on a daily basis. Yoga is also effective if you are looking forward to some weight loss. Sun Salutation (Soorya Namaskar) and Kapalbharti are few important yoga practices which can help you effectively reduce weight. Practicing yoga also helps you find inner peace. It calms and relaxes your mind thereby reducing stress. Breathing techniques and meditation improves the overall immunity of body. 10 minutes of yoga everyday can leave your body refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated. Though Yoga can be performed by each and every individual but it can cause some injuries as well. So, practicing yoga with extreme caution is a must. Before starting with yoga, here are certain tips which can be beneficial for you. A pregnant woman must consult her doctor or a yoga guru for the asanas which can be beneficial to her and do not cause any harmful effects. Before starting with yoga, always consult an experienced yoga instructor who can properly guide you with the asanas and techniques. He can guide you with the best way to exercise avoiding any kind of injuries. Also, he can guide you with the yoga type which can be beneficial for you. Avoid doing all the exercises and asanas in one single day. Practicing yoga is a continuous process, go slow, learn the basics and first learn the techniques for breathing and maintaining...

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