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Importance of Yoga in life

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Present generation is turning towards the ancient form of science or exercise systems to enjoy good life; sound mind and health. That means these practices can make you free from any type of diseases to keep distance from side effects of drugs and severe surgeries. Yoga is one such exercise system that gained utmost demand and importance in this present world. This is a part of Hindu disciple that is carried out to promote the overall control of mind and body. Yoga training at present is provided through several yoga centers in the country Essence of Yoga The real essence of yoga centers on enhancing ‘Kundalini’ (life force) at the base of spine. This is achieved through a set of physical and mental exercises. These exercise forms are totally different from the present form of exercise carried out in fitness centers and gyms. When saying about the physical exercise, it includes several yoga postures which are called as ‘asanas’ that are designed to make the body healthy. On the other hands mental exercise of techniques focus on breathing exercise called as ‘pranayama’. Then come the most important part of yoga that gives perfection to both ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayam’; that is ‘dhyana’. Dhyana means mediation that gives discipline to mind. Ultimate goal Ultimate goal of yoga is to attain enlightenment by transforming oneself. In simple terms as the holly book of Hindu ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ says yoga is practiced to make the mind and body free from all sorts of desires to understand the real meaning of Self. Importance of Yoga Most of the people treat yoga as a religions or hereditary art. But the truth is that it can be said as the way of living. Anyone with the aim of creating a healthy mind in healthy body can practice yoga. Every human is a mental, physical and spiritual being. Imbalance between these three factors is what put start to most of the problems. Yoga aims at keeping the perfect balance between three factors. Yoga exercise facilitates  Promotion of self healing  Achievement of perfect harmony and equilibrium  Promotes personal power  Enhance the knowledge and increase self-awareness  Stress reductions and relax from tension  Personality development  Steadiness of mind Yoga makes you to feel energized and rejuvenated. This ancient mode of exercise powers the mind and controls the body. When Yoga is performed with full attention, there is no doubt you can experience a fresh power on your body every time....

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