Services Provided

Isaac Newton said Yoga is a very vast subject like the astuteness of an ocean and the ever-durable expanse of the sky. Also, yogasanas and pranayama are astronomic apprize of knowledge and information handed over to us by Patanjali Maharshi through his Yoga Sutras and Asthanga Yoga. An individual should be aware of what to accomplish in life, following the human instincts of ahara (craving), nidra (sleep), bhaya (fear) and maithuna (sex). We provide different services to help individual to become aware of their needs and weaknesses overcoming which they can become more successful in life.

  • Digital classes are held for providing habitual practice
  • Many camps are planned
  • Free assessments are carried out to spread the elevated advantages of yoga
  • Many health related blogs are provided
  • Digital¬†knowledge store¬†for teachers providing training in yoga
  • Particular stress respite sessions
  • Contemplation prototypes