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Yoga: The Fitness Mantra

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Who does not want to be fit? Who does not want to look good? Obviously, everyone does. Tough looks and well-built muscular physique are adored by all. Perhaps that is the reason behind the fitness centers are mushrooming all around us. People are enrolled to those centers to keep themselves physically fit. Looking at the escalating demand scenario in the market, the fitness centers charge high price for providing with their services. Despite this fact, people are rushing towards them. Why do...

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Meditation: Training the Mind

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Our human body is like a temple. Our soul is the God residing inside it. Our limbs are the artifacts of the temple. Our soul connects our body and mind. Hence, it is always imperative for us to take care of the soul, so that the human life can be directed in the way, it is intended. In order to achieve the hierarchy level of needs, the needs of the soul must be satisfied. Limbs can never function without the direction provided by the soul. Mind is the most possible depiction of the soul inside...

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